Our Products

Our expansion phases:

Yarn Composition


100% Cotton

From 10/1 to 40/1

100% Polyester

From 10/1 to 40/1


From 10/1 to 40/1

Phase 1: 240,000-lbs/month KPRS and CPRS 100% cotton, 30/1.
Phase 2: 240,000-lbs/month, KPRS and CPRS 100% Polyester, 30/1
Phase 3: 180,000-lbs/month KPRS and CPRS, Polyester, cotton or Poly-Cotton 30/1

* In the near future we will be producing 100% Cotton and Poly-Cotton*

Industry Development


Our plant is equipped with state of the art equipment; we will have the capability of manufacturing 100% cotton yarns (KPRS or CPRS), 100% Polyester (KPRS or CPRS) and Poly-Cotton blend as well. We have suited our plant with backup energy generators to assure our customers supply.


Manufacturing Process

  1. Raw material reception
  2. Classification
  3. Blending
  4. Blow room
  5. Carding
  6. Pre Drawing
  7. Combing
  8. Roving
  9. Spinning
  10. Winding

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Honduras Spinning Mills
ZOLI Cofradia, Carretera Occidente,
Col. San Jorge, Cofradia, SPS, Honduras
T. (504)2580-4050
Email: roberto.henriquez@grupokarims.com

"We believe in corporate social responsibility – we are a core-manufacturing unit of the textile industry, but we must have a positive impact in the communities in which we operate."